The Trouble with Trump

by olgasoutstanding

A few days ago, a child in a Fairfax County (Virginia) school was threatened with deportation.  The threat was issued by another child.

Children on the playground often see it as their job to enforce the norms that their parents teach them.  This is not new.  What is new is the live character of this threat.  A major presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is threatening to end birthright citizenship (a Constitutional right in the U.S.) and deport more than eleven million people in the country illegally.

Eleven million.

And if you think that this will be limited to people who are not citizens or legal immigrants, you do not remember history.  This is a racially-motivated hunt.  No one is looking for illegal Czechs or Irish.

Mr. Trump has also made spurious accusations against American Muslims, and suggested that Muslims from other countries must be categorically denied entry to the U.S.  Many of his supporters also favor deporting American Muslims (to where?), creating a database of American Muslims, and barring LGBT people from entering the U.S.

We have been down this road before.  The threat posed by the Cherokee was used as an excuse for their removal west of the Mississippi (“they were savages; and… took a part with the British Crown in the war of the Revolution”) in 1838.  The threat posed by Japanese Americans led to their internment (“impelled by military necessity”) in 1942. The U.S. Government’s history with “relocation” and “deportation” is not pretty.

The Third Reich “deported” Jews with results that everyone should remember.

When it comes to American youth, racial attacks from Trump supporters have already started.