Ukraine Emergency Post, Continued

by olgasoutstanding

You know there is some bad stuff going down when I decide that posting to my blog is more important than not being on the internet on Good Friday.

My previous post about Ukraine was action-oriented.  It was very much written with other Orthodox Christians in mind, because I believe that our community has a deep responsibility to speak out about acts of terror done in our name.  I believe we have a responsibility not to allow ourselves to be used to threaten genocide in Ukraine.

However, a lot of people are getting contradictory messages about what is happening here, so I thought it would be a good idea to offer a little analysis.  Were the fliers really put out by any kind of authority?  Is the Holocaust happening again?

Let’s just answer the questions in order, shall we?  1) It doesn’t matter; 2) No.

Why doesn’t it matter whether or not the fliers were really put out by the PR Donetsk or any other organized entity?  It doesn’t matter because the aim is clear: to sow fear in the Jewish population of the city and create an emergency situation that gets international attention.  The eventual ends are unclear, but so far, so good.

So no, the Holocaust is not happening again.  This is very clearly a stunt – a disgusting and cynical stunt.  The flier used almost the exact same words that were used in the Nazi occupation of Ukraine.  One does not so self-consciously use those words in a place where one knows that security cameras will pick it up if you really want to perform mass slaughter.  It was intensely cruel to the elderly people in Donetsk, so it was successful in creating a sense of danger.

I am tired of seeing the Snopes article.  People who are upset about this are not overreacting because the Holocaust isn’t happening again.  That’s not why they’re upset.  Jews are being used as a political tool in Ukraine, and one elderly woman on BBC said she knew why: the one she’s afraid of is Putin.

Please note:  I will edit this soon to add links!  Today and tomorrow are the craziest days of the year for me, so please bear with me for a couple of days.  I wanted to get some analysis out there immediately.  This situation touches me and mine personally, and I urge you to take action.  Talk to your political representatives and *especially* to clergy.  This is very bad timing for Christians and Jews alike, and it was meant to be that way.  We all have to make sure it’s as unsuccessful as possible.