Emergency Ukraine Post

by olgasoutstanding

Today, some of the Jews of Donetsk have received a flyer purporting to require them to register with the pro-Russian quasi-government there.  I have no words.  OK, I have these words.

Friends, President Putin has been saying all along that the Ukrainian government is anti-Semitic, hates Russians, and is intent on starting pogroms (which, by the way, is an old Russian tradition that never really went away).  

The Ukrainian government has made no move in the direction of persecuting Ukrainian Jews.  In fact, my post entitled “Slava Ukraini?” makes the point that things have long been better for Jews in Ukraine than in Russia.

I am an Orthodox Christian.  I am apalled at the theocratic reign of terror that is affecting the Jews of Donetsk during this week in which Christians are supposed to be repenting and making extra effort to treat others well – and which has all too often been turned into a week to persecute those of other faiths, especially Jews.  I am disgusted.  I intend to speak to my priests and bishops about this, as well as to my elected representatives.  If you are Christian, please remember that this is our responsibility.  We should not feel guilty; guilt paralyzes.  We should feel responsible, which means we act.  We must act now to prevent the worst for the Jews of Donetsk and all of Russia.