Taking a Brief Break, Thinking About Fairness

by olgasoutstanding

This being the week before Pascha/Easter, I’ll be taking a brief break for religious observance.  While I do so, I will be thinking about this question:  What makes a perspective fair?  What does it mean to be objective?  How does the lack of objectivity affect populations threatened by genocide?

I’d also like to call attention to the terrible shootings in Kansas City this week that killed three people. The shooter was a neo-Nazi targeting a Jewish Community Center and elders’ home.  That he did not in fact kill any Jewish people is simply chance, and three is too many of anybody to lose. (One is too many. There is no backup “you.”)  This man had been on the radar for a while.  It is tragic that law enforcement was not able to respond in time to save these three lives. It is also, in part, the price that people in the U.S. pay for remarkably liberal free speech laws.